Parallel R-matrix codes

The parallel versions of these codes were initially developed with the support of a SciDAC grant from DOE and a subcontract from LANL by a consortium at Rollins College, Strathclyde University, and Auburn University. The development has returned to Queen's Belfast.

Principal Investigators: C. P. Ballance, D. M. Mitnik, N. R. Badnell, and D. C. Griffin

The codes are (usually) provided below once you have obtained a password (see email address below). There are no warranties, implicit or explicit , and the codes are run at your own risk, invariably to your own sanity.

  • R-matrix utility related codes

  • R-matrix 2022 codes

  • README/WRITEUP (not up to date)

  • Developmental R-matrix codes

    Currently both BP and DARC dipole codes are undergoing refinement.

  • codes in development (admin password protected)

  • GASP (Graphical AutoStructure Package)

    This is java based front end to the atomic structure code AUTOSTRUCTURE developed under the Rollins College Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Research program ( Loria, Blossey, Ballance and Griffin)

  • gasp tar file and writeup

  • Associated Web Sites

  • AutoStructure homepage (Strathclyde University)
  • ADAS homepage (Strathclyde University)

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